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Last Update: Wed Mar 5 1997

The Complete Sourcebook (Book)

The Complete Sourcebook is a reference book for Architects, Builders, Decorators, and Remodelers. It provides sorted and extensively cross-referenced access to a comprehensive listing of over 4800 national and international manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of home building and decorating products.

Basic Listing

As always our policy is to offer free basic listings in The Complete Sourcebook to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of building and decorating products. Completion of a Request for Inclusion form, insures that your listing will appear in the next edition of the book. Make sure we have your form on file and have complete and accurate information from you.

Paid Listing

The next edition of the book will be bigger and better than the first. We are adding to the existing sections and opening up some new ones. Also, beginning with the next edition, you will be able to advertise in the book. Quarter page, half page, and full page add space is available. Contact us for detailed artwork specifications and reserve your advertising space early.

The Complete Sourcebook On-Line

The Complete Sourcebook On-Line database is available to Architects, Builders, Decorators, and Remodelers on the Internet. Using their computer, they are able to find building and decorating products quickly and easily. Information is up to the minute, with product literature and specifications right at their fingertips.

Basic Listings

Just like the free basic listing that we offer in our book, we also do the same with our on-line service. Each time we publish our book we transfer all the basic listings to the on-line database. This means that on 5/1/97 all free basic listings in the book on that date will be put into the on-line database and available on the Internet.

Immediate Update to On-Line Listing

Since some companies would like their company information on the Internet to be updated , we accept Request for Inclusion forms on an immediate update basis. For a $125.00 fee we will enter your company information into our on-line database so that this information is available to Builders and Decorators immediately.

Customized WEB Page Listing

Working with your existing print advertising and literature, we can create a customized WEB page for your company. We electronically scan in your artwork and text, creating an on-line brochure. It can be simple, like the equivalent of a 2 page printed brochure, or more sophisticated like a full on-line catalog showing all your product specifications and prices. WEB page designs range from $150 for a basic WEB page on up, depending on how sophisticated you want to go, monthly maintenance fees average about $35.00 per month. Fees vary depending on how much information you put on-line, and how much activity your information generates. In order to create your WEB page you must supply us with the printed text and artwork (film or print) for your logo and as many graphic images as you want on your page (a logo and up to 3 images is considered "simple"). Before we begin work, we document your requirements and provide you with a written estimate of the one-time setup and on-going monthly fees for your WEB page. When your page is complete we provide you with a printed approval copy. On your approval we assign it a name, add it to our database, put it on our What's New page, and publicize it throughout the Internet. This insures that it receives the maximum possible exposure.

WEB Page Updating

Once the page is set-up you may want to update it from time to time. You might want to add new products or run a special promotion. Unlike print advertising, a change to your WEB page is quick and inexpensive. The minimum fee for a change is $50.00. All WEB page update fees are quoted in advance.

WEB Page Linking

Some companies have already set up their own WEB sites on the Internet. They too can take advantage of our On-Line service. For a $50 monthly fee, we can set up a connection (or link in Internet terms) to your WEB page so that someone using our database can easily find and switch to your WEB site.

Reciprocal Link Program

Companies that have WEB sites, and would like to participate in our Reciprocal Link Program can e-mail a request to Links are set up in a day or two. In turn, place a link to The Complete Sourcebook On-Line on your page.

Advertising on our Main Pages

We also provide a special on-line advertising opportunity for companies. On The Complete Sourcebook On-Line Main Page, Search Page, and What's New Pages we have reserved space for an on-line advertising graphic. For a $50 monthly fee we randomly display your companies graphic ad on these pages. Please contact us for details on this unique advertising opportunity.

Original Artwork for WEB pages

We can also create a completely new on-line look for your company. This is generally a more expensive way of going on-line, but a new on-line look can breathe new life into a business. This work is billed on an hourly basis at the rate $74.00 per hour.

Custom Programming for WEB pages

We also do custom programming for the Internet. If you are interested in creating an on-line catalog, on-line database, on-line ordering, or on-line order matching we would need to do customized programming. This work is done either on a fixed-price basis or billed hourly at the rate of $91.00 per hour. Call us to discuss this kind of work in detail.

Request for Inclusion

If you want your company included in The Complete Sourcebook On-Line fill out the Company Request for Inclusion form or contact us at (516) 783-5793

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