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18th Century Hardware Co. Inc.

131 East Third St.
Derry, PA 15627
Telephone :412-694-2708
FAX :412-694-9587
18th Century Hardware offers reproduction brass hardware in many different styles. Will duplicate any style or pattern. The right hardware on any restored piece of antique furniture, enhances it's appearance, and adds value to the piece.

A & S Wallace Ltd.

Suite 1, Lauren Court
Whart Rd. Sale
Greater Manchester M33 2AF

A A Abbingdon Affiliates, Inc.

2149 Utica Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Telephone :718-258-8333
FAX :718-338-2739
A A Abbingdon Affiliates offers decorative metal for ceilings and walls, in Victorian and Art Deco patterns. You can change the look of any room, with these great old designs.

A Touch of Brass

9052 Chevrolet Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Telephone :410-666-5961
800 number :800-272-7734
FAX :410-750-7275
Registers, Hardware, Stair Rods

A.E. Gombert Lumber Co.

PO Box 58, 81 Island
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Telephone :716-692-4500
Pine Mouldings, Flooring, Paneling

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